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John came as a witness to someone even greater than him.... are we?
A threshold moment
The writer of Mark’s Gospel seems not to have been interested in Christmas.  He jumps straight in to the story with a strange man out in the wilderness, at one…
Wait Here
It's Advent... and so we wait.  But we don't wait for Christmas... so, what do we wait for?
not so average Joe
Joseph is trying to be a good guy, but he's from a long line of pretty dubious characters...
What do you hope for?
Advent seems like the long wait... but what exactly is it we hope for?
truth matters
Telling the truth matters. Just ask John the Baptist or the prophet Isaiah. The truth helps us to know where we are, what the problems are and what the available…
left behind
Being left behind isn't a good thing... except when it is!!!
Magnificent, she says
Mary's song takes a perhaps unexpected twist though…. so before we get all starry eyed and sentimental… this is two pregnant women discussing the downfall of all earthly empires!
prepare the way
How do we prepare the way?  What would the refining fire find in us that needs removed?  What would the fuller’s soap wash away?
Our young people lead worship this week, telling us the story of the birth of Jesus... in a lockdown fashion!
Can I Get A Witness?
'Who are you?', they ask John the Baptist. But he wants to tell them about someone else... someone greater. That's his testimony. What's yours?
The Long Wait
In this first week of Advent we explore the long wait... and wonder what exactly we are waiting for?