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slow down & listen
Jesus is in sheep and shepherd mode... but his disciples have no idea what he's talking about. Do you?
his love endures forever
Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. People sing and cheer... and hope! Could this be the moment that everything changes?
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Temptation... that's a thing we all face all the time. But the Bible makes a big deal of it. Why? And why does that matter to us?
What are you looking for?
When Jesus first disciples meet him for the first time he asks the a pretty blunt question... What are you looking for? What are they looking for? And, what is…
What do you hope for?
Advent seems like the long wait... but what exactly is it we hope for?
Christ the King
Jesus is king... but what does that even mean?
1 bride for 7 brothers?
When some people come to Jesus with a complicated question about resurrection they get way more than they expected... but do we?