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When Jesus stands up to read the scriptures in his hometown you could hear a pin drop.  Breath is held… eyes are focussed and everyone is waiting to hear what…
The transfiguration is a strange story that pops up in the middle of Mark's gospel. But what if it really belongs somewhere else? And what would that help us to…
stuck in a moment
Have you ever been stuck in one of those moments where there seems no way out? Or stuck in a moments where you just want to stay forever? Stewart explores…
What are the things that fill our minds and grasp our attention, diverting us from our focus on God?
This is not it!
Jesus needs some witnesses, people who will go and tell other people what they have seen God do.  This, church, this is not it!!!
Come and see
Come and see... it sounds so simple. Come and see... but come and see what? Come and see who?
It’s You!!!
After the beatitudes comes salt and light and the law... and a challenge to the people, it's up to you!
The beatitudes... that list of the blessed that we would never want to join; the poor in spirit, the meek and those who mourn.  So where is the blessing?  And why is this teaching so central to Jesus' message?
2020 vision
Repent means 'to see things in a new way, as they really are'.  So when Jesus asks some fishermen to follow him he is helping them to repent, to see the kingdom of God which is close by. Following Jesus is an invitation to live into that new way of being.
Come and See
Jesus invites us into a relationship with him and asks us to invite others into that relationship... come and see...
Little Epiphanies
In the season of Epiphany, what does Jesus' baptism tell us about who he is and what God's mission is?