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your daily bread
Jesus feeds 5,000 men.  And there were woman and children there too, but only men counted.  Some things haven’t changed much.  They were hungry… but I think we perhaps forget…
Jesus tells a story about a farmer who sows some seed.  He throws the seed everywhere. and some doesn’t go where it’s meant to… and some lands on good soil…
Do not be afraid!
Go and tell your friends, neighbours and even strangers that their worldview is wrong and a new way is possible... and, the the way, some of them won't like it!
Who are you here for?
When Jesus comes for Matthew it's a statement. I'm here for people like him... who are you here for?
Go. Yes you!  Go and make disciples… But how?  How would we even begin to do that?
rumours of resurrection
It's almost the end of the day. It's getting dark... and Jesus appears to 10 of the disciples... but Thomas isn't there. He's out. And he misses out!
When Jesus asks a woman for a drink from the well it's her who gets more than she could ever imagine... but what about us?
Salt & Light
YOU are slat and light. But what does that mean???
What does blessing look like?
We all want to be blessed. Why wouldn't you? But what does blessing actually look like? And why is it so controversial?
What are you looking for?
When Jesus first disciples meet him for the first time he asks the a pretty blunt question... What are you looking for? What are they looking for? And, what is…
Why did Jesus get baptised?

Christ the King
Jesus is king... but what does that even mean?