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Moving Out
Rev Frances Rosenau encourages us to see beyond the hardships, beyond the fear... and move out into the world as God's people.
We celebrate the resurrection this Easter Sunday
a measure of hope
23 years… just over half of my life. That’s a long wait but it’s almost time for Scotland to take their place in a major tournament again. But what on…
The king is coming...
A valley of dry bones and a dead man walking... stories of hope in dark times.
are you the one?
When the night is darkest the questions come. As John the Baptist sits in his cell he begins to wonder... Are you really the one?  It's a question for all of us this Advent.
New Foundations
When the people returned from exile they rebuilt... but things were not the same as they had been.  A new community needed new foundations, just like the new Temple would.