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How do we deal with doubt?
Do you have doubts? You'll be glad to know you're not alone! But how do we deal with them? Yvonne Hamilton explores this big question in our worship.
What’s the entry cost?
"What can I do to inherit eternal life?" asks the rich man. It's a good question, met with an answer from Jesus that challenges everything we think about success and…
Prayer Matters
Does it matter how you pray? Or even what you pray for? Yvonne Hamilton helps us explore prayer and what Jesus showed us.
Choice… not division
Jesus has what can sound like very harsh words for his followers in our passage from Matthew's gospel today... but perhaps they aren't what they seem at first glance?
What’s the cost?
The cost of discipleship can be high... people will disagree, and that means choosing. Choosing what we will give our time, energy and commitment to... 
Let’s Dance
On Trinity Sunday Yvonne explores what believing in Father, Son and Holy Spirit means for us and what living out the example of this holy community looks like for us.
the one about friends
Philia, the love between friends. As we continue our journey through Lent Yvonne Hamilton helps us to reflect on what it means to love our friends by reflecting on how the friends of the paralysed man act in their quest to help their friend see Jesus.
Fenced In?
Do we exclude ourselves from the Kingdom of God?