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anything for love?
Love is…  Well… what?  What does it mean to love and be loved?  And when Jesus talks about love to his friends and to us, what does he mean by…
What does it mean to be fruitful? And why does Jesus talk about being the true vine? What does it mean for us and for the church to be grafted…

I have questions
Would you believe it?  I mean really?  Some story about Jesus appearing to a couple of second tier disciples as they went home before any of the proper disciples had…
Missing out?
How would you feel if you missed out on something really important but at the same time pretty unbelievable? What if everyone else was given a gift that would change…
Easter Day
Jesus is risen! We celebrate the resurrection as told by Mark.
Good Friday
A reflection on the events of Good Friday, including a meditation on the last words of Jesus.
Thursday of Holy Week
they would betray him and deny even knowing him, but he loved them to the end.
Wednesday of Holy Week
Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus... or just the one who got there first?
Tuesday of Holy Week
It's easy in the good times, but when things get tough people start to lose faith...
Monday of Holy Week
An anointing and an accusation...
Palm Sunday
What’s the big deal about this week for Christians?  Why is a strange parade with hosannas and palm branches a big deal and why does it all go so wrong…