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Gie’s Peace
Aw, gie’s peace. It’s how we Scots ask for a bit of quiet. But peace is an illusive thing. It’s a slippery idea. So when Jesus says that he is…
Love like I do
Love is… Well… Love is… What exactly is love?  And when Jesus tells his disciples and, well, us, to love one another what on earth does he mean by that?
I Am Your Father
Why does Jesus call God 'my father' and what does that mean for us?
Seeing the light
Anne Thompson explores how a man called Saul who wanted to get rid of all the followers of Jesus has his life turned around in a flash on the Damascus…
How do we deal with doubt?
Do you have doubts? You'll be glad to know you're not alone! But how do we deal with them? Yvonne Hamilton explores this big question in our worship.
We celebrate the resurrection this Easter Sunday
Maundy Thursday
A reflection on John 13:1-35 and a celebration of communion.
Holy Week – Wednesday
A reflection on John 13:21-32 for Wednesday of Holy Week.
Tuesday of Holy Week
A reflection on John 12:2-26 for Tuesday of Holy Week 2022
Monday of Holy Week
A reflection for Monday of Holy Week 2022
Palm Sunday
Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey... but why? What does it say about him? What does it mean for him, his disciples and for us? Michael Topple explores this…
Memories are sparked by many things, but so often the catalyst is a smell.  When Mary pours a pound of perfume over Jesus’ feet she is not only anointing him…