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you can’t be what you can’t see!
When Jesus sends out his disciples in pairs it's partly so they understand what they can do, but also so the community sees that this kingdom of God stuff is…
restored to community
a woman and a man, both desperate for healing, come to Jesus... who gives them more than they could ever expect!
small boat saviour
You wait all your life for someone to save you... and when they do it turns out to be someone way more than you could ever imagine!
Sowing the seeds of…
Seeds need to be sowed... and they need good soil...
The Service (Taylor’s Version)

Sabbath... rest... recover... recreate... it's a commandment that's almost impossible to keep. But it matters!!!
God... three in one... but what on earth is that about?
It’s for everyone!
The Holy Spirit is strange and even frightening... but it is there to help us... all of us!!!
Open Arms
We have open arms for broken hearts... like yours!!!
Fruitfulness… what does it mean to be fruitful in God? What does fruitfulness even look like because none of us are grapes? None of us is actually attached to a…
The Good Shepherd
Jesus tells his followers that he's the good shepherd... and that's a powerful image of someone who will protect and care for his followers, even to the cost of his…
In the flesh
Jesus is alive. Yeah. Right. I’m not sure I believe that. And if that’s what you think you are in good company. That’s what Jesus own followers, his closest friends,…