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Maundy Thursday
A reflection on John 13:1-35 and a celebration of communion.
Holy Week – Wednesday
A reflection on John 13:21-32 for Wednesday of Holy Week.
Tuesday of Holy Week
A reflection on John 12:2-26 for Tuesday of Holy Week 2022
Monday of Holy Week
A reflection for Monday of Holy Week 2022
Palm Sunday
Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey... but why? What does it say about him? What does it mean for him, his disciples and for us? Michael Topple explores this…
Memories are sparked by many things, but so often the catalyst is a smell.  When Mary pours a pound of perfume over Jesus’ feet she is not only anointing him…
a man had two sons…
The prodigal son… a story about forgiveness, grace and even resurrection… isn’t it?  Well, maybe… but perhaps it’s about something more immediate?  Perhaps it’s about the people who are right…
When bad things happen to good people?
Anne Thompson explore Luke 13:1-9 and wonders why bad things happen to good people?
Who are you?
When threatened, Jesus talks about himself as a mother hen protecting her chicks from a fox. I wonder how we would describe ourselves? What is our identity?
testing 1, 2, 3
When Jesus is led out into the wilderness he faces temptations.  But why?  What is the tempter trying to prove?  And how does Jesus pass the tests?
Cross Road
There on the mountain top Jesus is revealed in all his glory.  He is seen for who he really is, God’s son.  This is a moment where the whole story…
Love Wins
Turn the other cheek.  Love your enemies.  Pray for those who treat you badly. You can imagine the people listening.  What?  What did he say?  Doesn’t he know that not…