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Memories are sparked by many things, but so often the catalyst is a smell.  When Mary pours a pound of perfume over Jesus’ feet she is not only anointing him…
a man had two sons…
The prodigal son… a story about forgiveness, grace and even resurrection… isn’t it?  Well, maybe… but perhaps it’s about something more immediate?  Perhaps it’s about the people who are right…
When bad things happen to good people?
Anne Thompson explore Luke 13:1-9 and wonders why bad things happen to good people?
Who are you?
When threatened, Jesus talks about himself as a mother hen protecting her chicks from a fox. I wonder how we would describe ourselves? What is our identity?
testing 1, 2, 3
When Jesus is led out into the wilderness he faces temptations.  But why?  What is the tempter trying to prove?  And how does Jesus pass the tests?
It’s Time
When some travellers appear asking to see Jesus he tells his followers that the time has come. But when is the time for us? And what are we waiting for?
identity crisis
Naming the problem is the only way to begin to fix something, but what on earth does a bronze snake on a pole have to do with you and me?
Who are you?
Who are you? It's perhaps the most important question we could ask. Surprisingly, Jesus throwing the stallholders and moneychangers out of the Temple is actually about the answer to that…
We're back in chapter 1 of Mark as we journey with Jesus into the wilderness.  But what could two short sentences possibly have to tell us?
A valley of dry bones and a dead man walking... stories of hope in dark times.
Jesus encounter with a blind man is more than a story about mud and spit and even sight.  It's about who we are and who Jesus is and why that matters to all of us.
Living Water
A chance encounter at a well in the heat of the midday sun brings an unexpected revelation and a opportunity for mission for a most unlikely disciple, a Samaritan woman...