This week in Scratching the Surface we focus on Luke 4:21-30.

What do you notice?

I notice that the people are impressed.  I notice that Jesus is the one who starts the argument!

What do you wonder?

I wonder why he did that?  I wonder what he was trying to help them to understand?  I wonder why they got so angry and wanted to throw him off a cliff?

What do you realise?

I realise that we all like to think we’re on the inside, that we have special access, and that we can all get pretty angry when we realise that’s not the case.

We can’t keep God in a box or write a list for God of who we think deserves help or attention.  It seems like God’s list is made up of people who aren’t on the inside or on anyone’s list.

What do you notice?  What do you wonder?  What do you realise?  And what do you think of what I noticed, wondered and realised?

I can’t wait to read what you’re thinking so leave your 3 answers in the comments and remember to check back to see how the conversation is going!

Comments (2)

  1. Ann Woods
    Ann Woods

    I noticed that Jesus walked right through the crowd calmly when they were going to throw Him off the cliff .. anyone else would probably have run.

    I wonder why He chose that particular moment to read that particular passage from Isaiah and they tell them who He really was.

    I realise that when people challenge our beliefs, we have to make a conscious decision how to react .. do we react like the angry crowd or calmly like Jesus.

  2. Dave & Rosemary
    Dave & Rosemary

    We’re they angry because he wasn’t doing miracles/signs in his own town?

    Did they think he was, a charlatan?

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