Welcome to Scratching the Surface, our brand new series. 

Each Tuesday I’ll be asking 3 simple questions about the bible passage we read in worship:

What do I notice?

What do I wonder?

What do I realise?

I hope that you’ll join in and be curious about the passage too and that you’ll post your answers either in the comments on the website at st-ninians-stonehouse.org.uk, just click the Scratching the Surface link and post in the comments, or on our facebook group.  As well as posting your 3 answers to the questions we might even start to chat about all the different things we notice, wonder and realise.

So… here’s the passage for this week…

What do you notice?

I notice that one of the groups of people Jesus talks about are people who are blind.  I notice he doesn’t talk about other physical conditions.

What do you wonder?

I wonder why?  I wonder if he means actually physically unable to see?  I know that Jesus does heal the blind but I wonder if he is also talking about vision?  Helping people to see what is happening?  Helping people to see God at work in the world…. I wonder what I fail to see?

What do you realise?

I realise that sometimes you have to stop and pay attention to something or someone before you actually see it or them.  I realise that Jesus does that often and that I need to be better at it.  I realise I need to look harder.

What do you notice?  What do you wonder?  What do you realise?  And what do you think of what I noticed, wondered and realised?

I can’t wait to read what you’re thinking so leave your 3 answers in the comments below and remember to check back to see how the conversation is going!

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  1. Linda lapper
    Linda lapper

    I notice that the Holy Spirit was with Him then he goes to his home town! He first addresses the poor, the captives, the oppressed, and the blind. The passage doesn’t tell us the reaction of the listener but we know that a prophet isn’t recognised in his hometown

    I wonder if this isn’t talking in parables since Jesus wasn’t sent to save certain people! The truth is hidden from those whom the Lord hasn’t revealed the truth to! Being poor or blind doesn’t automatically give the right to salvation unless God chooses to reveal the truth of the gospel and people accept it!

    I realise that it’s God that reveals himself to people! He chooses whom He saves even though salvation is open to all the blind can only see if the truth is revealed to them. Their heart must be turned towards Him! I can offer the gospel to people but it’s up to the Holy Spirit to convict them!

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