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Love Wins
Turn the other cheek.  Love your enemies.  Pray for those who treat you badly. You can imagine the people listening.  What?  What did he say?  Doesn’t he know that not…
do not be afraid
I wonder if you know the story of how Jesus calls his first disciples?  My memory of the story is Jesus walking along the shore and he sees Simon and…
No more excuses
What happens when you realise that this whole thing isn’t going to be how you expected?  That thing you have waited for and dreamed of for so long turns out…
When Jesus stands up to read the scriptures in his hometown you could hear a pin drop.  Breath is held… eyes are focussed and everyone is waiting to hear what…
greater things
You will do greater things than these. Jesus said that to his disciples.  To the ordinary men and women who followed his teaching and tried hard to live the way…
I often wonder if we read some of the stories in the Bible so often that we stop seeing what’s in them. If we stopped being amazed by the big…
Where else would I be?
When Jesus is posted missing his parents are frantic... but where else would he be?
Christmas Day
We celebrate the birth of Jesus
We wait... and wonder...
Magnificent, she says
Mary's song takes a perhaps unexpected twist though…. so before we get all starry eyed and sentimental… this is two pregnant women discussing the downfall of all earthly empires!
this is the good news?
John the Baptist calls them a group of snakes... and this is the good news?  How?
Light in the Darkness 2021
A service of remembering