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Tuesday of Holy Week
It's easy in the good times, but when things get tough people start to lose faith...
Monday of Holy Week
An anointing and an accusation...
Palm Sunday
What’s the big deal about this week for Christians?  Why is a strange parade with hosannas and palm branches a big deal and why does it all go so wrong…
It’s Time
When some travellers appear asking to see Jesus he tells his followers that the time has come. But when is the time for us? And what are we waiting for?
identity crisis
Naming the problem is the only way to begin to fix something, but what on earth does a bronze snake on a pole have to do with you and me?
Who are you?
Who are you? It's perhaps the most important question we could ask. Surprisingly, Jesus throwing the stallholders and moneychangers out of the Temple is actually about the answer to that…
World Day of Prayer 2021
This year the World Day of Prayer service was created by the women of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.
cross purpose
Jesus says some strange and difficult stuff sometimes, perhaps none more than in Mark 8 where he starts talking about taking up your cross to follow him.  But Mark's gospel…
We're back in chapter 1 of Mark as we journey with Jesus into the wilderness.  But what could two short sentences possibly have to tell us?
The transfiguration is a strange story that pops up in the middle of Mark's gospel. But what if it really belongs somewhere else? And what would that help us to…
stuck in a moment
Have you ever been stuck in one of those moments where there seems no way out? Or stuck in a moments where you just want to stay forever? Stewart explores…
What are the things that fill our minds and grasp our attention, diverting us from our focus on God?