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king of kings
When we call Jesus 'king of kings' what do we mean? And what does that mean for us? Join Stewart as we explore Matthew 25:31-46.
What is God like?
I wonder what you think God is like?  It’s one of those big questions and our answer to it shapes our response to all kinds of things, probably more than…
Do as they say…
What’s your reaction when leaders set hard rules and then don’t follow them?  Should we ignore the rules too?  But what if the rules are good rules?  Rules to help…
love, love, love…
What’s the most important commandment?  It seems like such a straightforward question, especially if you know about these things.  It’s got to be the first one… Right?
your daily bread
Jesus feeds 5,000 men.  And there were woman and children there too, but only men counted.  Some things haven’t changed much.  They were hungry… but I think we perhaps forget…
Who are you here for?
When Jesus comes for Matthew it's a statement. I'm here for people like him... who are you here for?
Forgiveness is Healing
Jesus stands among his friends and speaks words of peace and forgiveness... because forgiving is healing!
Burning Hearts
An encounter with Jesus leaves a couple of his followers with burning hearts... will it do the same for us?
Love Unbound
Why did God let that happen? Why didn’t God do something? Jesus’ friend Lazarus has died. And Jesus wasn’t there. And now he is… The tomb has been sealed. It’s…
What does it mean when Jesus is transfigured? And can we be changed? And into what?
choose life
Jesus keeps pulling the thread of the commandments and gets to the heart of all our problems...
What does blessing look like?
We all want to be blessed. Why wouldn't you? But what does blessing actually look like? And why is it so controversial?