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Where else would I be?
When Jesus is posted missing his parents are frantic... but where else would he be?
not far
One of the scribes has been watching and we hear that he’s impressed with Jesus so he goes to talk to him. The scribe asks what seems like the most…
open my eyes
What should we think when a blind man can see more than anyone else?  What should we recognise when someone on the very edge of society names the solutions to…
a time to serve

heart broken
Today we’re tackling a really hard and often painful passage in Mark’s Gospel.  It’s about divorce, something that has touched all our lives in some way.  It’s a passage that…
millstones removed
We all carry things.  Each of us has stuff that weighs us down.  But what about the things we pile on to ourselves?  The things that choose and indulge and…
Everything you know is wrong
What if the way we have all been told the way that the world works is wrong?  What if the things we value most are the things that are actually…
What you need
There are moments when we get just what we need, rather than what someone else tells us we should get.
and they left their nets
An old man goes to see Jesus at night to ask more, to find out who he is and what he is all about, and perhaps more importantly, what does…
Come and see
Come and see... it sounds so simple. Come and see... but come and see what? Come and see who?
Get Up!
On the mountain with the transfigured Jesus, and Moses and Elijah, God speaks to three disciples, Peter, James and John. Then Jesus tells them to 'get up, and don't be afraid!'  Is that our response when we encounter God?
It’s You!!!
After the beatitudes comes salt and light and the law... and a challenge to the people, it's up to you!