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Water Walking
When Jesus walks on the water we’re less than surprised. Sure, it’s unusual, but he’s the son of God and earlier that day he fed 5,000 men, along with all…
your daily bread
Jesus feeds 5,000 men.  And there were woman and children there too, but only men counted.  Some things haven’t changed much.  They were hungry… but I think we perhaps forget…
The kingdom of heaven is like…
The kingdom of heaven is like… well, like what?  It’s like a mustard seed, yeast, treasure found by accident, a pearl found after a long search and fish caught in…
Jesus tells a story about a farmer who sows some seed.  He throws the seed everywhere. and some doesn’t go where it’s meant to… and some lands on good soil…
Are you welcome?
You are welcome here. No really. You are. But how would you know that you are welcome? How do we show welcome? And why does it matter?
Do not be afraid!
Go and tell your friends, neighbours and even strangers that their worldview is wrong and a new way is possible... and, the the way, some of them won't like it!
What does compassion feel like?
We talk about feelings all the time... but they are called feelings because we physically feel something. The emotion has an impact on our body. So, what does compassion feel…
Who are you here for?
When Jesus comes for Matthew it's a statement. I'm here for people like him... who are you here for?
Go. Yes you!  Go and make disciples… But how?  How would we even begin to do that?
Forgiveness is Healing
Jesus stands among his friends and speaks words of peace and forgiveness... because forgiving is healing!
Want to know what God is like? Just look at Jesus.
Just Breathe
Breath is life... but for Jesus it's more... more life that we could ever imagine! And you can have it!