new ways of being church

It’s only been just over a week since we were asked to stay at home but it seems already as though the way we live has changed.

Of course church has changed too.  Or at least how we do church has changed because we can’t gather in person to share in worship or to have coffee and cake or to pray together or to study the bible or for sunday school.  So, we’ve had to find new ways of doing some of that.

In just a week we’ve gone from almost everything happening in our church building to almost nothing happening there.  That’s a huge change in such a short space of time.

The sunday service is now a video on Facebook, YouTube and the website… and, interestingly, these services are been watched by over 300 people.

Morning prayers and Sunday school happen on zoom, along with, it seems, everything else!  We’re having a bible study tomorrow night using it too and on Friday we’re having a go at a family quiz.

My study has become a tv studio with editing punctuated by pastoral visits by phone and meetings on Microsoft Teams.

And all of that is in many ways pretty great.  But I’m also acutely aware that lots of our members aren’t online and so I’m also working on ways to help them access worship and stay connected to the life of the church.

And in all of this change some things stay the same, like paying the bills.  We’re acutely aware that for many people this is a period of huge financial uncertainty as people stop work to self isolate or are furloughed by their employers.

In terms of your weekly giving… If you usually use envelopes please keep them.  We will not send anyone to collect them so keep them somewhere safe until we can all meet together again.

If you can switch to a Standing Order then that would be fantastic.  Just click here to email Bill who will be delighted to help you set one up.

You can also give here on the website using the donate button at the top using PayPal.