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Samson pt2
Why? Why? Why? Delilah... But then Samson seems to know exactly what's going on.  Being captured is part of his plan.  And it all ends badly for everyone.
Samson pt1
Samson is one of those biblical heroes that we often only know a little about. He was the strong man with the long hair. But he was a violent bully who led Israel in a time of conflict. Do we get the leaders we need? Or the ones we deserve?
Holiday Club Sunday
We're joined by the children who took part in our summer holiday club and we baptise Oliver.  It's not our usual worship.  It's noisy and full of fun!
Rich Fools
More. We want more. More and more and more.  We seem programmed to hoard.  To want more.  So when a man comes to ask Jesus to get him more Jesus gives him much more than he was expecting... a row and a parable!
Even the disciples didn't really know how to pray so they asked. The answer was what we have come to know as The Lord's Prayer, but what's it all about? And why is prayer so important?
everything you know is still wrong* (*probably)
The story of Martha and Mary is well known to many of us, but is this really a story about a big sister being annoyed at beings stuck in the kitchen while her younger sister listens to Jesus. Perhaps there is more to it that that?
Don’t be religious, be human!
Our guest preacher, John Bremner, tackles a parable we might think we know well, the Good Samaritan... but do we?  And are we really ready to step outside of our usual behaviour and into the kind of compassionate living that Jesus suggests.
What’s your time worth?
Naaman is a powerful man, a commander of armies, but even he with all of that might can't cure his leprosy.  He travels on the advice of a servant girl to seek out Elisha.  And he gets much more than he expects.
Elisha has some very big shoes to fill... those of Elijah, the greatest of all the prophets.  Elisha isn't sure he's up to the task but he is left with a couple of things to help him...
God was not in the noise and fury. God was not in the spectacular or the impressive. God was in the silence.  The still, small voice. Anne Thompson explores the experience of Elijah on the mountain and how hard we find it to stop and be still and really listen.