What do you notice?

I notice that Jesus seems to be dishing out blessings to those who never feel blessed and are never told that they are worth anything.

What do you wonder?

I wonder what those people felt when Jesus told them they were blessed?  Were they grateful?  Cynical?  Inspired?  Many of them had been healed in some way so I wonder if that made them more likely to feel blessed?

What do you realise?

I realise that we don’t treat each other like people who are loved and valued by God as much as we should.  We fall into the trap of valuing the things Jesus warns against.  We look up to people who are rich or successful rather than people who are kind and honest.  I realise that I probably need to get some new role models.

What do you notice?  What do you wonder?  What do you realise?  And what do you think of what I noticed, wondered and realised?

I hope that you’ll be curious about the passage too and that you’ll post your answers to the three questions in the comments.

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