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Stewart wonders what we may need to lay down and Kathryn shares her poetry
What does it mean to welcome and be welcomed?
Choice… not division
Jesus has what can sound like very harsh words for his followers in our passage from Matthew's gospel today... but perhaps they aren't what they seem at first glance?
do something great
12 ordinary people who have watched, learned and are now sent out to try it for themselves...
Go... yes you!  Go!  Go and make disciples.
The king is coming...
The moment it all goes wrong... a story of a man, a woman, a snake and some forbidden fruit, but mostly it's about shame.
Get Up!
On the mountain with the transfigured Jesus, and Moses and Elijah, God speaks to three disciples, Peter, James and John. Then Jesus tells them to 'get up, and don't be afraid!'  Is that our response when we encounter God?
Where do you end up when you start pulling on the thread of an idea or an issue? Where does something really start? Today we consider some threads that Jesus unravels for us in the Sermon on the Mount.
It’s You!!!
After the beatitudes comes salt and light and the law... and a challenge to the people, it's up to you!