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Forgiveness is Healing
Jesus stands among his friends and speaks words of peace and forgiveness... because forgiving is healing!
Want to know what God is like? Just look at Jesus.
Just Breathe
Breath is life... but for Jesus it's more... more life that we could ever imagine! And you can have it!
Thrown back into the events of Holy Week we find ourselves confronted by familiar words but in a different context.  Jesus’ talks of many houses, mansions or dwelling places, and…
slow down & listen
Jesus is in sheep and shepherd mode... but his disciples have no idea what he's talking about. Do you?
rumours of resurrection
It's almost the end of the day. It's getting dark... and Jesus appears to 10 of the disciples... but Thomas isn't there. He's out. And he misses out!
It's easter morning!!!
Love Unbound
Why did God let that happen? Why didn’t God do something? Jesus’ friend Lazarus has died. And Jesus wasn’t there. And now he is… The tomb has been sealed. It’s…
What do you see?
Being unable to see isn't just a problem with the eyes. Sometimes it's a problem of the soul...
When Jesus asks a woman for a drink from the well it's her who gets more than she could ever imagine... but what about us?
Abram is just minding his own business, getting on with life... when God says "go!". And Abram goes... I wonder... would you?
What are you looking for?
When Jesus first disciples meet him for the first time he asks the a pretty blunt question... What are you looking for? What are they looking for? And, what is…