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What possesses you?
What happens when an unhelpful idea takes hold?  When a lie is told often enough that people believe it’s the truth?  Or perhaps worse, don’t care?  And what does Jesus…
speaking truth to power
They say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Speaking truth to that kind of power can be dangerous.  But if nobody ever does then nothing will every change.
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wise men from the east come searching for the new king... but they have no idea of the dreadful chain of events their visit will begin...
the truth hurts
They say that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s certainly what we see with Herod in our passage today.  Speaking truth to power doesn’t always end well.…
do not cross
He isn’t like us. He does things we can’t and we’re the good guys so he must me bad… We’ve heard it a million times. Power used to protect those…
The beatitudes... that list of the blessed that we would never want to join; the poor in spirit, the meek and those who mourn.  So where is the blessing?  And why is this teaching so central to Jesus' message?
Christmas is a dangerous business!