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We make loads of choices everyday... but Herod makes a disastrous one.
you can’t be what you can’t see!
When Jesus sends out his disciples in pairs it's partly so they understand what they can do, but also so the community sees that this kingdom of God stuff is…
restored to community
a woman and a man, both desperate for healing, come to Jesus... who gives them more than they could ever expect!
small boat saviour
You wait all your life for someone to save you... and when they do it turns out to be someone way more than you could ever imagine!
The Service (Taylor’s Version)

Sabbath... rest... recover... recreate... it's a commandment that's almost impossible to keep. But it matters!!!
Alive and Kicking!
Jesus is alive!!! But what does that mean for us this Easter Sunday???
Palm Procession
What’s the big deal about this Holy Week for Christians? Why is a strange parade with hosannas and palm branches a big deal and why does it all go so…
Facing your Fears
Someone smart once said “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself”.  I wonder what you’re afraid of… and why that matters?
It's time to start... but first Jesus has to get ready!
Jesus true identity revealed!
All of sudden things are different! Jesus has changed. But who is he??? Tune in to find out who Jesus really is!
Personal Jesus
It’s so easy to get lost in the crowd. To think that we don’t really matter. That nobody notices us. That’s not the case with Jesus. Each of is seen…