Settling in?

This week feels different.

More settled.  A little more predictable.  A patern for the week is emerging.

Reinventing everything in a fortnight is exhausting.  At the time you’re caught up in it and the adrenaline keeps you going.  And it’s creative and there are problems to solve and new things to learn and everyone else is in the same boat.

And then Holy Week comes along, which is always busy anyway, and you are drawn into an emotional rollercoaster… while already being on one.

And then it all stops.

You have a moment to take a breath and look back and realise that in the last 4 weeks loads has happened; church services, morning prayers, a quiz, sunday school, a bible study, talent show, evening reflections for Holy Week, an online communion… as well as helping to set up a community support group and working out how to provide funerals in these new circumstances.

Almost everything that we had planned to do in person happened online, all while we are in the middle of a crisis.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because it turns out that church is important. The faith part, but also the community part.

We always talk about how the church isn’t just a building. Well, it turns out to be true. We have already worked out how to do the worship stuff, but I have the feeling that the church has been liberated in the last few weeks to be what it should be… a movement, a community, a caring and compassionate force for good.

Oh… and there are new things appearing on the whiteboard…

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