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What if the thing you thought you knew all about didn’t work the way you thought it did?  What if someone told you?  Would you be open to hearing it? …
Now Is The Time!
James and John want to call down fire from heaven to destroy a village that has no interest in Jesus.  I wonder if that’s how we react to those who…
Moving Out
Rev Frances Rosenau encourages us to see beyond the hardships, beyond the fear... and move out into the world as God's people.
The trinity.  God, known to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit… three in one, one in three.  That’s some difficult maths.  But it matters because missing out part of…
Dreams and visions.  That’s what the prophet Joel said we would see.  And Peter said it too on the day the Holy Spirit came like wind and fire!  And people…
Jesus prays that we might be one. He prays that we might be united. But that’s doesn’t mean that we should all be the same…. It does mean that we…
Gie’s Peace
Aw, gie’s peace. It’s how we Scots ask for a bit of quiet. But peace is an illusive thing. It’s a slippery idea. So when Jesus says that he is…
Love like I do
Love is… Well… Love is… What exactly is love?  And when Jesus tells his disciples and, well, us, to love one another what on earth does he mean by that?
I Am Your Father
Why does Jesus call God 'my father' and what does that mean for us?
Seeing the light
Anne Thompson explores how a man called Saul who wanted to get rid of all the followers of Jesus has his life turned around in a flash on the Damascus…
How do we deal with doubt?
Do you have doubts? You'll be glad to know you're not alone! But how do we deal with them? Yvonne Hamilton explores this big question in our worship.
We celebrate the resurrection this Easter Sunday