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This is not it!
Jesus needs some witnesses, people who will go and tell other people what they have seen God do.  This, church, this is not it!!!
Come and see
Come and see... it sounds so simple. Come and see... but come and see what? Come and see who?
Breaking Barriers
From the very beginning Mark's Gospel is revolutionary. As soon as Jesus turns up God breaks down the barriers... 
What is God like?
Rt. Rev. Dr. Martin Fair helps us to wonder what God is like?
Now, go in peace
Today our guest preacher is Right Rev. Dr Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
Watchnight 2020
We keep watch together in the last moments of advent as we await the birth of the Christ-child once more.
Our young people lead worship this week, telling us the story of the birth of Jesus... in a lockdown fashion!
Can I Get A Witness?
'Who are you?', they ask John the Baptist. But he wants to tell them about someone else... someone greater. That's his testimony. What's yours?
Light In The Darkness 2020
Each year we take some time to stop and remember all those who have died this year as part of our Light in the Darkness service. It's a time for…
prepare the way!
Prepare the way! shouts John the Baptist.  That's the work of Advent... to get ready.  But what does it mean for us to prepare the way?  Where should we begin?
The Long Wait
In this first week of Advent we explore the long wait... and wonder what exactly we are waiting for?
What did you do?
At the end, the questions that faces all of us is perhaps one that we didn't really expect... what did you do?