Event CalendarWe try hard to make sure there is something for everyone at St Ninian's.  We have a range of opportunities to join in prayer and in worship as well as groups, learning and social events.  Check back to keep up to date with what's happening or visit our Facebook Page.

Night Church

Night Church is an idea born in Copenhagen. Churches there are open at night and lit with candles and soft lights to feel warm and welcoming and to create a sense of quiet reflection where people can come and go, stay for a few minutes or for the whole time.

Our Night Church, from 7.30-9pm on the first Sunday of the month, will have some interactive stations or pieces of art to provoke reflection and contemplation. It may be silent or there may be music. Towards the end, at 8:40pm, there will be a short service to close.

Church for people who don't do church... and for those who do.


Purple Patches

Purple Patches is our Lent Study for 2018. We'll have a look at the events leading up to Jesus' trial and crucifixion and see what they tell us about him, about God and about ourselves.



Book Group

The Book Group are reading The Anchoress by Robyn Cadwalladar and we'll meet on 18th February to talk about it.  The book for March (18th) is The Road by Cormac McCarthy.


Morning Prayer

Prayer is at the heart of any Christian community.  At St Ninian's we join together on Monday and Thursday in the Prayer Room to pray for our community, our neighbours, our world and ourselves.  We also spend a few minutes sharing our thoughts on a passage from the Bible with each other. 





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